My name is Andrew Fraieli. I’m a shoestring budget traveler, hitchhiker, and writer, but I’m not the point of this website.

I have very little money. I have very little patience for the tourist industry. I love to travel differently. All this together has put me into the category of vagabond, hitchhiker, hippie, and crazy among some other names called at me.

I’ve picked up how to cheat all kinds of public transportation systems, find a place to sleep at night for free, find food for free, survive off of very little food healthily, get from city to city for free, avoid getting in trouble with the law, and get water and use the toilets for free among other things. Believe it or not the toilet isn’t always free, yet people complain about peeing in the street.

What you’ll find on this website is not “The 10 best places to eat in San Francisco,” or “My Favorite Makeup to Pack While Traveling.”

I despise travel websites and blogs with these kind of articles as they portray the wrong message. Travelling isn’t about going to the fanciest restaurant, the nicest hostel, the hottest spot in town, what makeup to bring while travelling, or what the coolest tourist destinations are. It’s about discovering places, people, and yourself. You’ll learn a lot about your limits while traveling.

On this website you’ll find hard-learned advice, stories, tricks, moral dilemmas and law-bending tips I found out the hard way. All these ideas and explanations are exactly how I travel and explore and learn for as little money as possible, and a lot of times free.

Not everything on this website is proper in the sense of what you should necessarily be doing in terms of the law.  Most tips and resources here are about getting away with just that. Some places are more strict than others in terms of travelers and rules and laws so keep that in mind. In Italy for example, laws are more like suggestions, but Hungary will not be messed with.

Take everything I say with a grain of salt, things change and so some tips I give may be outdated. I’ll try to make sure everything stays up to date, but I’m not always in Germany to make sure the Munich metro system hasn’t upped their security. If something has changed or is wrong, please do contact me and tell me.

A bit more about me so it doesn’t sound like I’m making all this up.

I’m 22 years old, I have a bachelor’s degree in physics, and I save every measly cent I earn to pay for plane tickets to places far away. I grew up and live in the States. So far though I’ve been to Puerto Rico, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Scotland and England.  I speak French roughly and Spanish roughly as well. Roughly enough that I can understand Portuguese, Italian and German if they speak like a four-year-old.

This the 4500 km path I ended up hitchhiking over two months one summer when I went to Europe.

I’ve hitchhiked over 50 rides and 3000 miles, Couchsurfed over 40 times and been to over 70 cities in Europe alone. I’ve dumpster-dove for food, slept in a park in Budapest because of no place to sleep, and stayed at squats. Hopefully this puts some weight to my words. Otherwise, like I said, take what I say with a grain of salt.

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