Being able to CouchSurf consistently, without having to sleep in any parks or stairwells, and take advantage of all it has to offer is not easy. It takes a lot of experience with its people, its habits, its vices and how you can fit into it all. If you don’t really know what CouchSurfing is, you can check out my beginner’s piece here.

The website has a lot of history and many types of people on it, some you may want to kindly avoid, some who will make your trip 10x better. It is also a very fickle system which can be difficult to be completely reliant on. The information here can be used to somewhat cheat the system but it’s not intended to be used like that, take it as advice to speed along the learning curve to get the best out of it as fast as you can.


How Do I Find A Host?

There are more ways of finding a host other than direct messages, here’s all that I’ve found along with the best way to send those too.


The Types of People You’ll Meet

No matter the type of people you prefer to meet, you’ll find some from every corner of society. Here’s who I’ve met on CouchSurfing, good and….avoidable.


Is Tinder Leaking into Couchsurfing and Is Couchsurfing Safe?

CouchSurfing is not a dating site, but some people do try. This brings questions of safety in the community general safety questions while surfing too, but don’t worry too much.


Etiquette and Being Polite to a Host

Sometimes it’s hard to tell how to be polite and what to expect from hosts. Here’s what I’ve learned, just over time, as the best etiquette to follow.


With all of this in mind, Couchsurfing is the best way to not have to pay for a place to sleep and be able to save money to buy things like food or travel longer and meet a ton of great people. Again, this isn’t about how to cheat this system, but how to use it well and efficiently and being smart about it.

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